Retirement Redesigned

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Friday, January 21, 2022

Retirement Redesigned

We Need A New Definition For Retirement

Increasing numbers of people baulk at the perceived negative connotation of the term retirement. The word conjures an image of someone withdrawing from life and...

The Reset Retirement Survey Results

The results from our annual retirement survey offer poignant insights on retirement and the third phase of life. Our objective with the survey is...

Build your side hustle

A carefully managed side hustle can emerge into a most enjoyable and productive retirement.

Our New Friend: Neuroplasticity

We all know that as we get older, we become less sharp. We are just not as quick or as smart as we used...

Health Is Also A State of Mind

We realize that there are real signs of physical deterioration as we get older and, as retirees we feel ourselves losing some of the...

The Tricky Business of Self Confidence

Confidence is what we all want and what we will fight for at any cost. We want to feel good about ourselves and to...

Managing the Technology Battle

We have had to do our learning in the fly and most of the time we use only what is necessary to get by...

Finding your purpose in retirement

We all start off in early adulthood with the same kind of purpose. Get an education, start a career, find a mate, get married...

Opening up to Mental Health

As we get older, it is after all, the subject that forces itself into our lives and daily awareness. It affects every part of...

Celebrate the encroaching introversion of retirement

The charming personalities and easy communication skills of the extravert are irresistible to those that vote for presidents and appoint CEOs. Leaders are always...