Retirement Redesigned

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Friday, March 24, 2023

Retirement Redesigned

Finding your purpose in retirement

We all start off in early adulthood with the same kind of purpose. Get an education, start a career, find a mate, get married...

Opening up to Mental Health

As we get older, it is after all, the subject that forces itself into our lives and daily awareness. It affects every part of...

Celebrate the encroaching introversion of retirement

The charming personalities and easy communication skills of the extravert are irresistible to those that vote for presidents and appoint CEOs. Leaders are always...

Your Power of Agency

Agency, and the sense of it is about having the benefit of someone like your own agent acting on your behalf to make things...

The path to a good retirement: The Hero’s Journey

The first is learning to let go of the past and embracing the future. Easier said than done! It means adapting to change, and that...

Starting a small business in retirement

It is also a preoccupation of many that are settling into retirement and becoming aware of what it actually means. The drive for those...

Fighting to stay properly accepted

Friends and family are usually kind and considerate when engaging with older people. But there is no doubt that older people are identified as...

Reinventing Yourself

In retirement this is particularly focused on good health. Inevitably there is a decline in factors like eye-sight, or hearing or easy mobility. But once...