Retirement Redesigned

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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Retirement Redesigned

Reset Coaching


Good performance needs coaching

Why does Roger Federer have a tennis coach? It’s to give him an objective view of his performance and to encourage him. Similarly, we should have training and help for any significant area we wish to excel in. 


A productive and fulfilling life after ‘retirement’ also requires coaching

In business many top performing business executives have coaches for the same reason. But there is one area of a business life that has escaped proper coaching and education, and that is in the third stage of life. The focus all along has been on finances and whether you have saved enough. But few talk about all the other aspects including the psychology of this transition. 


The Reset coaching blueprint

In our research, we have identified five key factors to a productive and fulfilling life after full time employment. Our coaching blueprint sets out to help our clients get these five factors working for them. The process begins by assessing each client’s readiness across the key areas, then we co-create a plan for each client and guide them in the practical implementation. We revisit this cycle annually or as necessary. 

The five factors are: 

1. Purpose
What do you want from your next life stage? After leaving full-time work what will provide meaning for you and provide you with a reason to focus yourself?

2. Resources
What do you have at your disposal to achieve your goals with? What part of your experience can be re-programmed for whatever you may take on in your retirement?

3. Community
Who are you going to be doing things with? What are your key relationships across family, friends and professional networks?

4. Productivity
What do you need to get done to achieve your goals? Are your habits and life processes enabling you to keep yourself on track? Is being productive at this stage important to you? 

5. Reward
What do you want to get from your next life stage? What gives you satisfaction and what do you want your life to look like? 

The Reset Coaching practice is overseen by Johann Redelinghuys and based in Johannesburg but available elsewhere. For enquiries, contact us.