Retirement Redesigned

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Monday, July 15, 2024

Retirement Redesigned

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Redefining Roles

Retirement Diaries #2

For married people, the retirement of one of the spouses inevitably leads to the need for a redefinition of their roles. This is not always comfortable. At a time when most people are settled into the image of who they are and how their relationship works, having to start over with an unemployed spouse in the household can put strain in the mix. Financial issues have to be renegotiated and that may mean that roles have to be redefined. Not easy.

The best advice is don’t let any resentments or fault-finding smolder. Talk openly about the new next life and how to manage it. Be sympathetic and understanding. Perhaps get help from a coach or even a therapist

Johann is the founding partner of Reset Retirement where we focus on assisting people with planning for the non-financial aspects of their lives after full-time work. He had a long career in executive search and leadership as the founding partner and chairman of Heidrick & Struggles in South Africa where he was the head of the company’s board practice.


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